Our Process

Henry Ford said that the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. We believe in making the process of creating your product as easy as possible. Through our many years of experience building products for clients we have developed a seven step process that takes all the stress out of creating something great. 

First meeting

Our first step is a meeting with you and any stakeholders involved in the project to get to know your business, the goals of the project and how we will work together to make those goals a reality.

Pre-discovery estimation

Next, we will take the information from the initial meeting and prepare a cost & time estimation.  This will give you a rough timeline of when you could expect your new site to launch and how much it may cost based on the initial requirements.


In this phase of the process we get to know each other very well. We dig deep to understand the needs of the project in much more detail and capture all of the requirements so that we can build it exactly as you imagined.


Here we will prepare a full specification document that details exactly what we will deliver to you. This will include the technical & functional requirements captured along with your branding and styling guidelines.


This process begins with wireframing and ends with polished designs that look just like your new product  based on the output of our discovery process We will review and sign these off before beginning development.


This is the main production phase where we actually build your product. Once built, your product must pass through our quality assurance phase before you are finally presented with the finished deliverable.


The final step is where we deploy your product to the production server. Here we consider components such as cloud architecture, performance and cybersecurity if that is within that scope of your project. At this point you are officially live! 

Lets build something great together